​CREATIVE  Billboard Outdoor Advertising

High resolution vinyl

Epico uses Outdoor Advertising High Resolution Vinyl on Billboards which is durable strong and lightweight. The Vinyl Banners are waterproof and UV resistant which increases the Banner's lifespan to several years.

Mesh banner media

When installing large format advertising on a billboard we use high resolution Vinyl or high quality mesh banner media. Our mesh banner media has an air permeability of 800 litres per sqm per second at 2 millibars (wind resistance calculations which are very important for banners at this size). The light weight and sturdy fabric allows air to flow through it significantly reducing the “sail effect”. It is due to those qualities that the truly large scale building size media has been made possible. The fabric material is flame retardant and resistant to tearing, and is directly printable using UV and solvent inks.


Our experienced installers will ensure that the mesh banner media is installed and secured professionally to the structure and or building. Our installers are equipped to manage large and complex projects and to achieve the highest standard presentation of all of our customers campaigns.


​From initial creative concept through to its completion, epico’s team of experienced graphic and multimedia design consultants will work with our clients briefing to create the most effective of visual communication media that will reach the target audience.

outdoor advertising PDF document

​Information technology

epico uses a web based collaboration platform for the exchange of editable material like images or text content that is being worked on, so that our customers are part of the process. epico uses audio and video conferencing technologies to work around the physical location and keeps us available for you.​